How to Invite a someone from your Team to Reimbi

Only Company Admins can manage staff accounts.

To add a team member to Reimbi, select, "Manage Staff Accounts" from company settings.  Then select "Create New" and fill in their information.  Once you click "save" an invitation will be sent.

Note: If your company has SSO enabled then you will not see the "Create New" option. Staff users should be managed through your SSO solution. 

Staff Account Types

Company Admin:  Full access to Reimbi.  Company Admins can invite staff users and change company settings.  In addition, they are able to invite requesters, review and approve/reject expense reports, and see all requesters and expense reports.

Approver:  Approvers can only review and approve/reject expense reports.

Recruiter:  Recruiters can invite requesters and have the ability to review and approve/reject expense reports.

View all Expense Reports and Requesters

If you want an approver or recruiter to see all expense reports and all requesters, not just the ones assigned to them, you can update their privileges from the Staff Accounts section of the app.  Just select the approver or recruiter's name then select the check box next to "View all requesters/expense reports".

Need More Staff Accounts?

Please email for more information.